On Acceptance to FOSS OPW Round 7 Internship ..

I never knew I could actually be part of something like this.. The moment I came to know that I was accepted to such a great program I felt happy …For a student who did major in Computer Science ,who had never experimented  programming skills beyond the scope of curriculum and who always wondered about the possibilities coding could bring …  this is huge.. and a very big challenge . All I want is to do it right.. and to learn a lot along the way.

And another interesting fact is that..I was never into blogging..I used to prefer paper  and  Facebook  😛 .. All  thanks to  OPW  I am officially writing a blog..  😀 ..  and I am loving it..  🙂

I love being part of Wikimedia.org , I am an ardent fan of Wikipedia.. well! who isn’t? Being able to contribute something which can be made useful to a lot of people across the globe.. I am already falling in love with the idea of being a FOSS project intern. Especially the community have appealed me in many ways.. Ever vibrant and always helpful.. sort of reminds me of Dumbledore’s words in Harry Potter -” Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”!

Looking forward to the active project days.. 🙂

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