OPW Internship Updates (Week 6,7 Highlights)

Week 6 ( Jan 16 – Jan 22 )


  • Start adding following features one by one to UploadWizard , commit changes on gerrit!
1.Static Map
2.Leaflet dynamic map


Jan 16:Committed change set to embed static map to UploadWizard
Jan 17:Working on CSS file
Jan 18: Coding rest of the rough working prototype.
Jan 19: Learning about advanced gerrit usage
Jan 20: Adding leaflet files to UploadWizard and working on dynamic map
Jan 21‘No value provided for {s} variable’ error resolving
Jan 22: Completed coding functions to perform dynamic map- static map initializing, deinitializing, plotting input coordinates on both kind of maps (output screencast )


Week 7 ( Jan 23 – Jan 26 )


  • Patchset division
  • complete mapViewToInputs function
  • Add controls so that user can switch between static map and dynamic map


Jan 23:Submitted patchset which adds leaflet script to UploadWizard
Jan 24Submitted patch set which introduces static map and leaflet map on UploadWizard
Functions added:

  • Static map initialization
  • Static map de-initialization
  • leaflet map initialization
  • leaflet map de-initialization
  • plotting input coordinates to leaflet map
  • updating input coordinates from leaflet map

Jan 25:Going through JSDuck format for documentation
Jan 26:Making changes as per reviews and some learning related to split a submitted change


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