OPW Internship Updates (Week 10,11 Highlights)

Week 10 ( Feb 13 – Feb 19 )

TARGET: Wrap up geocoding.


  • add rate-limiting to the events so that the browser does not download three static map images when you type “132”
  • add a text input where the user can enter an address, which then moves the map to that position (if the address lookup was successful)[geocoding and reverse geocoding]


Feb 13:

  • geocoding using Control.OSMGeocoder.js successfully added to mw.GeoMap.js , but working on implementing geocoding without the plugin
  • Updated dependency chain of currently open changes
  • First step towards geocoding and reverse geocoding –change:112342

Feb 14Finally “close to done” patch set of Change: 107892– embedding static map to UploadWizard with spinner animation & debouncing
Feb 15: JSON investigation time
Feb 16: coding function to perform geocoding
Feb 17: coding function to perform reverse geocoding

Feb 18:Going through Labs-vagrant and Help :Instances
Feb 19Setting up everything

Week 11 ( Feb 20 – Feb 26 )


Labs-Vagrant Instance
  • create an instance (just go with the defaults)
  • configure it to use the vagrant role
  • log in to that instance via SSH
  • enable the uploadwizard vagrant role


Feb 20: resolving “ssh instance” issues
Feb 21:  ssh investigation
Feb 22: ssh key forwarding issue
Feb 23I-00000a79.pmtpa.wmflabs and preparing another patch set under change: 109263
Feb 24: setup web proxy, learning more about labs-vagrant and mediawiki vagrant
Feb 25: A back to basics day..going through mediawiki coding conventions
Feb 26: Fixing 107892 and 109263


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