OPW Project Summary

Project-‘UploadWizard:OSM embedding’ 

This project is about enhancing the image upload process for Wikimedia Commons.The main goal of the OSM  embedding project is to provide map interface to the UploadWizard. We can not expect each and every uploader to know exact location where image being uploaded was taken, or to use location enabled camera/phone to take the image.  With introduction of map interface, uploader can easily choose location coordinates for uploaded images.
Prototype is at http://uploadwizard-osm.bitnamiapp.com/mediawiki/Special:UploadWizard [ username/password is mediawiki/mw ]
Detailed project description can be found at  https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/UploadWizard_OSM_map_embedding
Functioning of embedded map :
  • On valid coordinates/location inputs widget first loads a static map which on ‘click’ will initialize leaflet powered dynamic map.
  • Dynamic updation of coordinate fields and location field on leaflet map interaction and vice versa
  • ‘ type’ or ‘importance’ specific zoom for various kinds of locations on geocoding

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