View on Gender Equality

I believe everyone born into this world has equal and fair rights. Discrimination of people on the basis of gender is a nomadic notion. Sadly gender discrimination exists in all facets of life and a sensible society should work towards equality and attempt to bring oppressed into forefront. I have benefited greatly from such an attempt. Gnome FOSS Outreach Program for Women Round 7 acceptance changed my life in a great way. I am sure many more women who love technology will benefit from such great programs and one day world will finally accept a person regardless of gender. Some arguments may attribute that such programs itself is an unbalancing action, but those who preach such points should also open up their eyes towards general perception. For example, I found several worthless comments under a technical tutorial posted in YouTube in which people try to guess the gender from narrator’s voice rather than paying attention or pointing mistakes and one of the most interesting and disturbing comment was “ a female programmer ???  “. I have never found anybody asking “a male programmer??? “ But then such a comment also attributes gender discrimination. The word feminism stands for movements and ideologies that fight for equality of gender in various aspects of life, it is sad that though we are living in an advanced era we still have to profess equality. Only people with secular mind can comprehend what equality stands for and involve in feminism.


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