A cool CSS trick to achieve line break.

We all are familiar with <br/> tag in HTML . As we know HTML should be about content and CSS  about display , and if we prefer to keep it that way we should definitely try CSS alternatives for <br/> tag.  To achieve such a line break there is a cool CSS trick.

Suppose content which comes after the line break is within a ‘div’ element having class name as ‘class-name’ .Within your CSS file add the following lines in order to achieve line break.

.class-name :  before {
content :    ‘\a’ ;
white-space :    pre ;

And voila! Line break is achieved.. 🙂

I took my first step … ;)


Its been two days since my internship began.. Ever since my acceptance into OPW Round 7 I have been planning on tackling the project entrusted to me.. Well my project is “OpenStreetMap Embedding to UploadWizard (UploadWizard is an extension to MediaWiki)” ..

This project is about enhancing the image upload process for Wikimedia Commons. Commons is an image hosting site which is used by Wikipedia and a bunch of other sites, as a central location to store free images, which can be reused anywhere without needing to worry about copyright. Commons has millions of images and Wikipedia editors need to be able to find quickly the right ones for their articles, so it is important to store various metadata with the image which will help navigation – topic of the image, when it was made and so on. This metadata is usually stored in a complex template language that is specific to MediaWiki, and the sight of which usually makes people to flee in terror. Since we cannot expect image authors to learn to write something like that, Commons has a tool called UploadWizard which creates all the code for you, after you fill out a bunch of forms. The main goal of the OSM map embedding project would be to provide map interface & the integration with external databases to the UploadWizard.

N0w there are many ways to do this project.. But I chose a method that was worth experimenting..  I started off  with an introduction of a link in UploadWizard  which can point the coordinates of Uploaded image on OSM …  Soon I will replace the link with a map widget with beautiful features .. And yes, complex coding is involved..  😉

I wrote my first patchset  and its up for reviewing .. and this is my first step.. 🙂 .. Maybe once I have completed the project I might feel that this step is insignificant.. 😛 .. But still this is my  first little step.. 🙂 .. 😀

Diving into the code..

I have been navigating through the code of Upload Wizard, which is an extension in mediawiki… I felt like diving into a vast ocean..  Quite audacious.. 😀 ..  Thanks to my mentor Gergő Tisza , I know what exactly I have to learn in order to begin.. The first week looks promising..  So much to learn and So much to do.. Kind of reminds me the usual Korean  way of wishing luck – “Fighting” .. 🙂


On Acceptance to FOSS OPW Round 7 Internship ..

I never knew I could actually be part of something like this.. The moment I came to know that I was accepted to such a great program I felt happy …For a student who did major in Computer Science ,who had never experimented  programming skills beyond the scope of curriculum and who always wondered about the possibilities coding could bring …  this is huge.. and a very big challenge . All I want is to do it right.. and to learn a lot along the way.

And another interesting fact is that..I was never into blogging..I used to prefer paper  and  Facebook  😛 .. All  thanks to  OPW  I am officially writing a blog..  😀 ..  and I am loving it..  🙂

I love being part of Wikimedia.org , I am an ardent fan of Wikipedia.. well! who isn’t? Being able to contribute something which can be made useful to a lot of people across the globe.. I am already falling in love with the idea of being a FOSS project intern. Especially the community have appealed me in many ways.. Ever vibrant and always helpful.. sort of reminds me of Dumbledore’s words in Harry Potter -” Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”!

Looking forward to the active project days.. 🙂

Me? I’m dishon…

Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.

Famous quote by witty Captain Jack Sparrow